About Us

About Us

Grey Area Greetings was founded in Rhode Island by Robin and Dana in 2019. The idea for Grey Area started a year earlier when we held service positions for our homegroup. We’ve been a part of peer support groups in Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous. Over the years, we both received cards for our milestones of sobriety. Being responsible for purchasing the group’s supplies of anniversary/birthday, occasion, and specialty cards, (locally or online), we noticed how generic and unimaginative the available cards are.  That sort of bland superlative greeting was covered ad nauseam! They just didn’t seem fitting for people in recovery! For us, our sobriety anniversaries are just as important as our birthdays.  So, we decided to do something about it!

Our goal is to bring some levity, sincerity and just plain old hilarity to these milestones we all celebrate.  Each year, month, and day is an accomplishment for all of us not to pick up again.  We hope our cards can add a special twist and make it a little more special!

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Our Story

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Before arriving in recovery, the both of us were on paths of destruction (as nearly all AA & NA members were at one time) to be honest, but it was a strange series of events that brought the two of us together. Having been attending the same home group and listening to each other share weekly, one event prompted us to talk afterward and exchange phone numbers. One conversation. That was all it took. We were fast friends and helped each other out of life’s hardships including leaving old places behind. Shortly after we were living together. Laughter happened to be a daily part of our relationship. After all, sobriety has to be fun or no one would stay sober! Three years later, we are still together. A relationship that would have never occurred if not clean & sober. That’s the magick of meetings, recovery, and service to other recovering people.

We hope our cards reflect the love and laughter we have and that recovery has to offer!